Types of Marine Cable

Honest cable manufactures all types of marine cables and marine-grade wire. These cables are used in marine applications, such as those in seas and oceans. They are extremely resistant to water, corrosion-resistant, fire resistant, etc. Most marine copper cables use tinned copper conductors to provide this level of protection.

TinnedCopper Marine Wire-Cable

Tinned copper marine cable wire can be used in 105ºC marine applications. It is installed for general circuit wiring and the internal wiring of electrical equipment.

Bare Copper Marine Cable-Wire

Bare copper marine cable wire is used to prevent electrical failure and reduce corrosion. Designed with bare copper conductor.

SAE Cable-Wire

SAE cable wire has a -20ºC to 105ºC temperature range. Used for general purpose marine applications. A GPT insulated primary wire meets SAE standards.

Flat Marine Cable

The multi-conductor flat marine cable can be used in marine applications.  It has a PVC insulated multi-conductor.

Round Marine Cable

Round marine cable is simple to install in confined or irregular spaces. Simpler to arrange, thus preferred by many marine cable installers.

Marine Battery Cable

Marine battery cable has a -20ºC to 105ºC  temperature range. Provide oil, fuel, and acid resistance. Designed to withstand tough marine conditions.

Shipboard Cable

The shipboard cable is designed with additional safety precautions, excellent insulation, a good inner conductor, etc. Used on electric and control circuits.

Low Smoke Shipboard Cable

Safer than conventional shipboard cable. It lessens the drag of extra weight on ships. Shipboard cable is used for power, control, electronics, communications, and instrumentation.

Coax Shipboard Cable

Low smoke radio frequency and high-frequency coaxial cables are suitable for use on ships and other vessels. Features low smoke and zero halogen content, are flexible and abrasion-resistant, and very low toxicity.

Low Smoke Zero Halogen Shipboard Cable

Cable with zero halogen design that does not release toxic fumes when in contact with fire. High-quality and competitively manufacture for control, power, communication, and special purposes.

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