TTYC Cable

TTYC Cable
  • Similar Types: FA-TTYCS, CHJ86/SC, FMGCH
  • Rating Voltage: 150/250V
  • NK Type Approval

 TTYC cable is twisted pair marine telephone cable for fixed installation on ship boards and marine purpose. It is intended for telephone, instrumentation and control system on shipboard. TTYC cable is designed according to JIS C 3410 standard with rating voltage up to 250V and maximum operating temperature at 85℃.

TTYC cable is similar to FA-TTYCS, FMGCH, FMGCG, and Honest Cable Type CHJ86/SC. These marine telephone cable types are tinned copper wire conductor with XLPE insulation and tinned copper wire braided overall screen cable. TTYC cable features flame retardant.

TTYC Cable Buying Guide

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