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  • Standards: IEC 60092, DIN 89158, JIS C3410
  • Approved by LR, BV, CCS, DNV-GL, ABS, NK, RINA
  • Low Smoke & Halogen Free Cable (LSHF Cable)
  • Flame Retardant & Fire Resistant Cable

Honest Ship Cable

Ship cable, also known as marine cable, offers excellent quality and meet the strictest maritime regulations. It is intended for use in the ship and offshore platform installations for electrical power distributions, telephones, panels, control circuits for lights, important instrumentation signals, etc. It is made of durable, flare retardant tinned copper wire. It maintains its resilience and longevity even when subjected to adverse sea conditions such as heat, grease, vibration, cold, humidity, and salt corrosion.

Honest offers a comprehensive selection of ship cables, including control cable, telecommunication cable, power cable, VFD cable, and switchboard wire. All of our marine cables have been certified by ABS, BV, NK, KR, LR, DNV-GL, and RS. Designed to perform effectively, ensuring reliability and safety for the crew and ship. Honest can manufacture the right ship cable to meet specific your marine standards. Direct message us!

Honest Ship Cable Products

Ship Electrical Cable

Ship electrical cable is manufactured for electrical power supply on shipboard. It has a 26/35kV voltage range, high electrical conductivity, etc.

Ship Telephone Cable

Ship telephone cable offers high quality and exceptional performance in the marine industry. Cost-effective, safe to use, and easy to install.

Ship Power Cable

Ship power cable includes TPYC 3 cores marine cable, SPYCY single core ship cable, DPYC double cores electrical cables, and more. It provides power onboard a ship vessel.

Switchboard Wire

Switchboard wire is a single tinned copper conductor ideal for use in 90°C dry systems, NK approved, moisture and heat resistant, sunlight Resistant, etc.

Marine Data Cable

Marine data cable includes CAT5E, CAT6A, CAT7. It features flame retardant, fire resistant, durable, UV resistant & oil resistant, and meets high maritime norms.

Marine Coaxial Cable

Marine Coaxial Cable is an appropriate and effective transmission solution for telecommunication systems on your boats, ships, and vessels.

Why Choose Honest Cable

Quick Response
Quick Response

Our marketing team can reply to your inquiry in 2 hours on working time and in 24 hours during closing time. Welcome to call us for any urgent demand for ship cable.

Flexible Payment
Flexible Payment

The payment terms include T/T, L/C or O/A. Honest ship cable is inspected in the factory or third party. We ensure a full refund to you if the ship cables do not pass the inspection.

Fast Delivery
Fast Delivery

We have a large stock of ship cable with different specifications and can deliver to you in 3 days. The lead time will be 10-30 days for custom-made marine ship wiring cables.

After Sale Service
After-sale Service

Honest ship cable warranty is 12 months from the date of delivery. Any problems will be solved in 1 working day and a solution will be provided in 3 working days.

Ship Cable Specifications

Voltage0.6/1kV up to 18/30kV
ConductorStranded tinned copper wire
Fire-proof LayerMica Tape
InsulationEPR or XLPE
Inner sheathSHF1, SHF2, PVC, CSP, PCP
ArmoredTCWB or GSWB
Outer SheathSHF1, SHF2, PVC
Nominal Cross-section Areas0.75sqmm to 300sqmm
Cores1 core to 37cores
StandardsIEC 60092 or JIS C 3410
Packaging & DeliveryIn Rolls or Cable Drum
Ship Cable Marine Wiring Cable Supplier
Ship Cable Marine Wiring Cable

Ship Cable Features

Honest ship cable offers various benefits in any marine applications such as:

  • Flame retardant
  • Zero Halogen
  • Low smoke
  • Fire resistant
  • Water Block
  • Safe and Secure
  • Easy to install
  • Reliable and Efficient
  • Lightweight and durable

Ship Cable Applications

Due to their durability and flexibility, ship cables are widely used for:

  • Communication – ship cables carry telecommunications signals over seas and oceans.
  • Instrumentation – Ship cables used for instrumentation assist in carrying signals for essential instruments to reduce cross-talk. They offer signal protection from external radio frequency, electromagnetic, and electrostatic interference.
  • Data transfer – the data you see on the internet is transmitted by cables that reach across the ocean floors.
  • Power – ship cables are utilized for electrical installations in such ships and boats particularly for electric panels. They can also be used in power and control cables, control circuits, and so on.
  • Control – this cable is used for a variety of control systems on offshore platforms and ships. Cables are used to relay the commands in this application.
Ship Cable Supplier

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Your Reliable Ship Cable Manufacturer
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With more than 20 years of manufacturing experience, Honest cable has been a professional ship cable and marine ship wiring cables manufacturer and supplier in China. Honest ship cable includes ship electrical cable, ship power cable, ship telephone cable, and switchboard wire, flexible cable, marine data cable, and marine coaxial cable.

These ship wiring cables are produced according to IEC 60092, JIS C3410, BS6883 / BS7917, NEK 6060, or DIN 89158 standards. Honest ship cable types are approved by ABS, BV, CCS, LR, DNV-GL, NK, KR, RS, and RINA classification society. We follow strict quality control and inspection to guarantee excellent packing and delivery. Message us immediately!

ship cable manufacturer in China
Professional Marine Ship Cable Manufacturer in China

High-quality and competitive-price ship cable. Supply all types of ship cables for your marine applications.

The Ultimate Buying Guide of Ship Cable

In this guide, I am going to show you how to choose a reliable and durable ship cable.

As you know, the sea offers an unforgiving environment where chemical reactions, vibration, and elemental exposure punish everything.

The biggest question here is how possible is it for the efficiency of various aspects to take place in a ship in this kind of environment.

If so, then you’re absolutely at the right place..

What is a Ship Cable?

It refers to the type of cable that is designed for use in installations in ships as well as offshore platforms for electrical power distributions.

The distribution takes place in a wide range of elements, including control circuits for lights, telephone, panels, and critical instrumentation signal, among others.


Ship cable

Ship cable

It is made from tinned copper wire, and you know that tinning provides a wide range of activities which you can’t get from cables designed for shore use.

Of course, with the harsh sea environment where a ship spends the rest of its life, tinning the cables is just more than necessary.

Additionally, a marine ship cable is also comparatively larger than other instrument’s cables at a similar size.

Later on in this guide, you will also find out some of the vital reasons why the design of marine ship cables have to meet specific marine standards.

In the meantime, though, it’s necessary to know that these cables are designed to perform at most, ensuring reliability and safety.

Functions of Ship Cable

Well, the truth is that any ship cable must be able to endure the harsh sea environment for the longest time possible.

In other words, using any cable different from the marine ship one leaves your connections more susceptible to corrosion and other elements.

So what you ought to know is that you must use a ship cable which has several properties and built for flexibility as well as vibration resistance.

Now back to the main point, marine ship cable is used for several functions, and some of them include the following;

Ship control panel

Ship control panel – Photo courtesy: SEEMIT

· Transmission in Ships

What happens is that ordinarily, the marine transmission appears to be dull and mysterious.

But without the input of the cables, your ship wouldn’t necessarily get far.

Ship cables play a fundamental role in the overall transmission system of a ship.

And that probably why you would hardly experience or hear a fellow boater complaining about the marine transmission.

Ideally, each marine ship has an internal oil pump which tends to generate hydraulic pressure.

It is this pressure that forces the engagement of the engine and the gears to allow for the movement of the ship.

In general, ship cables play an integral role in ensuring the reliability and efficiency of the transmission system in a ship.

And that’s the reason why you have to ensure you go for one that possesses all the great properties such as durability and environmental resistance.

· Communication in Ships

It is also another critical function of ship cable.

You see, most ships are relatively large. So communication, whether internally or externally, needs to be effective.

It helps in enhancing efficiency from a wider range of perspectives, including, between the captains and control centre.

The various communication devices within the ship require a type of ship cable that indeed offers high resistance and efficiency.

As you know, communication is one of the key elements in a ship hence the need for having quality materials to support the gadgets.

· Instrumentation in Ships

I’ll repeat this for the umpteenth time; a marine vessel operates in rather all types of weather conditions.

Well, knowing the condition that the boat is experiencing at that moment is critical for its safety and operation.

Ideally, there is that feeling of confidence knowing that that the sensors and are accurate and reliable regardless of the weather system.

And that’s why you’ll find most of the instrumentation devices in a ship use marine cables.

They help in providing and guaranteeing the reliability with all the possible observations and other control systems.

· Power in Ships

Unquestionably, this is the largest areas in a sea vessel where the use of marine ship cable seems to be dominant.

You see, what happens is that any vessel needs the power to cruise — electrical connections within the boat helps in attaining the necessary needed power.

Additionally, it is the cables that supply all the various elements of an electrical boat system with power.

These cables also help to retain and transmit the power to all the necessary devices within the ship for efficient performance, safety, and reliability.

Of course, they come in marine cables for power supply in a ship come in different sizes depending on the role each plays.

· Control Systems in Ships

The design of a cruise ship is in such a manner that most, if not all, of its control aspects, are automated.

And for automation to take place effectively, it means that there has to be a point for controlling all these functions.

So the cables in a great way are also helpful in relaying the commands for the effective functioning of various parameters.

Most of the control system of a sea vessel makes it possible for you always to stay alert and attain the best results.

Well, in a nutshell, these are the core functions of a marine ship cable as far as efficiency, reliability, and safety of the operations are concerned.

You can clearly see that these cables indeed play fundamental roles in making sure that you attain the best results.

Additionally, these functions are the core of any sea vessel; hence, these the need for the cables to increase the efficiency of execution.

In the next section, I want to look at some of the major types of marine ship cables you’re likely to come across.

Marine Ship Cable Types

When dealing with marine cables, it’s important to understand that they come in different types.

And in most instances, several aspects revolve around the difference such as the specific function, size as well as the properties among others.

As I did mention earlier, the design of any type of marine cable is to handle the marine environment considering the conditions it shall be exposed to.

In this section, I want us to look at the various types of this cable, with a specific focus on the different functions.

1. Ship Electrical Cable

In some instances, ship electrical cable is also referred to as shipboard power cable.

Its production, of course, has to conform to all the relevant standards since it is designed for electrical power supply on shipboard.

marine power cable

Marine power cable

The structure of this type of cable features annealed plain copper conductor, XLPE insulation, fire barrier tape and copper wire braid armor or unarmored.

The rating voltage of a ship electrical cable is up to 26/35kV.

Some of the critical features of ship electrical cable include flame retardant, fire resistance, low smoke emission and halogen free.

2. Ship Telephone Cable

This is another type of a vital marine cable you’ll often come across both for onshore and offshore units.

Specifically, as the name suggests, this is a type of cable that is designed for telephone, communication as well as control circuits on sea vessels.

The construction of ship telephone cable features a stranded tinned copper conductor with cross-linked polyolefin insulation.

Marine telephone cable

Marine telephone cable

It also comes with a polyester foil taping, overall halogen-free inner filling, elastomer based outer jacket and conductor stranded in pairs with optimal lay length.

Some of the properties of this cable include oil resistant and flame retardant.

Also, it comes with different color codes, including counting pair of blue/black; counting direction pair of black/brown and subsequent pairs of black/gray.

It is mostly used in a wide range of applications including fixed installation on marine craft above as well as below the decks.

Moreover, the production of this particular type of telephone cable also has to conform to all the relevant approved quality standards.

3. Ship Power Cable

This is a type of marine cable that is also commonly used in various aspects revolving around the onshore and offshore platforms.

It plays a critical role in the overall performance of the various elements in such platforms as far as power distribution is concerned.

Marine powercable

Marine power cable

The Nominal Voltage of this cable is  U0/U 0.6/1 kV.

The construction of this cable features a separator foil and overall filled inner jacket which is covered by filling compound.

The structure also features a bare copper braided shield, conductors stranded in layers with optimal lay length and conductor insulation.

What’s more is that the jacket color comes into black up to 5 conductors, gray 7 and more conductors.

The ship power cable has a low smoke emission, fire resistance as well as flame retardant properties.

In most cases, the application of this type of cable is for stationary installation, particularly beneath the first metal deck.

4. Switchboard Wire

The essence of a marine switchboard cable is to provide a connection between a switchboard and electrical instruments on ship boards and offshore platforms.

The design of this cable is in a manner that allows it to withstand high temperatures and other related harsh environmental conditions.

Marine wires

Marine wire

The rated voltage of this particular type of cable is 0.6/1kV with a test voltage of 3.5kV.

In most cases, the switchboard wire is used for fixing installation cables in various electromechanical and electronic equipment.

And given that this type of cable already has approval, you as well use it in marine shipboards at all conditions in the marine environment.

Some of the ideal properties of switchboard wire are that it is flame retardant halogen-free, oil resistant and also has low smoke density.

5. Marine Data Cable

This is a type of ship cable that is specially designed to transmit data, communication signals and network for marine and offshore platforms.

Ideally, there is a need for ensuring that marine data cable is flame retardant, halogen-free, and also conform to all maritime standards.

Marine data cable

Marine data cable

The major applications for marine data cable include using Ethernet and network protocol.

It has a 0.2/0.3mm copper wire braid as it armor, and a pairing of two colored insulated conductors to form a pair.

This type of marine cable also features an HDPE insulation as well as solid bare copper.

Most of these cables also have a double collective shielding of aluminum/polyester tape with drain wire.

6. Marine Coaxial Cable

This is a type of ship cable that is commonly applicable for installation on board ships and other indoor marine surroundings.

It has a number of quality standards which helps in assuring you that indeed it meets all the requirements.

Marine Coaxial Cable

Marine coaxial cable

The structure of this cable features a solid copper conductor, tinned copper braid, foam PE insulation and LSZH polyolefin sheath and bedding.

The bedding of this cable is halogen-free, emits low smoke and colored black.

Similarly, the outer sheath also features halogen-free polyolefin and emits low smoke.

The good thing with marine coaxial cable is that it is available unarmored or with galvanized steel braid armor.

So basically, these are the major types of marine cables that you are likely to come across.

The structures and other unique features of a number of marine cables always vary depending on specific factors.

Nonetheless, it is recommended that you have basic knowledge of some of the vital features that such a cable needs to have.

This will make it possible for you to find the most suitable marine ship cable for your specific needs.

And talking of most suitable, in the section, we want to discuss some of the notable specifications for marine cables to look into.

So let’s have a look!

Marine Ship Cables Specification

You see, marine ship cables require extra-ordinary specifications if at all they have to perform at optimum.

This is necessary because of the environment that they operate in as well as the tasks that they perform.

In this section, I want us to look at some of these specifications, which apparently make the cables suitable for the task.

Different types of macrine cables

Different types of ship cables

· Low Smoke

You see, any ideal ship cable must contain elements that prevent it from producing a lot of smoke.

This incidentally makes it possible for you to monitor and know the areas that need to be fixed as a matter of concern.

· Halogen-free Cable

The essence of ensuring that the marine cable is halogen-free is to make it possible to offer protection against the risk of toxic gas emission during a fire.

Ideally, halogen-free cable prevents fire, which is necessary for any sea vessel like a boat.

· Flame Retardant & Fire Resistant Cable

This specification simply implies that the cable should not be susceptible to fire.

You see, fire is a great concern in marine vessels hence the need for finding ways of mitigating its causes and spreading to a bare minimum.

· Material

The materials used for manufacturing ship cables might vary depending on several factors.

However, the basic rule is that the material should and must be durable and resistant to environmental and physical elements.

· Conductor Type

Just because you’ll be using a specific marine cable for a particular purpose, it is vital to ensure that it has the right type of conductor for the task.

· Dimensions

Well, this specification is more of the size and length of the marine cable that you’re using.

It is important to ensure that the dimensions are suitable for the function you’re fixing the cable.

· Portable

Portability is also a great specification as far as the marine cable is concerned.

In other words, it’s essential to make sure that as much as the cable could be relatively heavy, it has to be portable.

Portability helps in movement with the cable in different areas within the vessel hence quick fixing.

· Safe and Secure

The material, conductor type, and flame retardant are the factors that determine the safety and security of any marine cable.

Once the cable possesses this and any other properties, you can be certain that it’ll be safe and secure to the vessel and even users.

· Easy to Implement in the Circus

Ideally, at the end of it all, you need to have a ship cable which gives you an easy time to implement in the circus.

This is what after all, determines whether the cable is useful or not, hence the need to ensure that you look into it.

· Reliable and Efficient

Reliability and efficiency of the cable, of course, come from the fact that it can perform the functions accordingly.

So to determine the reliability and efficiency, you must ensure that the cable has all the ideal properties mentioned in this section.

· Lightweight

Again, it’s vital for a marine cable to be lightweight as a way of enhancing the reliability and efficiency of the tasks it performs.

It also makes it easy and faster to replace it.

· Durability

A ship is a vessel possibly will last forever in the aquatic environment, which incidentally is very harsh.

So it becomes necessary to ensure that any of the cable used is durable to prevent unnecessary inconveniences.

· Resistant to Temperature Changes

Again, the aquatic environment is prone to temperature changes.

Now the best thing to do in this case is making sure that the type of cable you’re selecting can sustain the temperature changes and still offer the best results.

So these are primarily some of the specifications of a suitable marine ship cable which you need to factor in.

The idea here is to help you to have the necessary knowledge as a way of enhancing the efficiency of the numerous cable functions.

Quality Standards for Ship Cable Rating

Quality is a fundamental aspect when it comes to marine ship cables.

What happens is that different bodies have set their specific standards which a particular type of ship cable has to meet.

In the line of that, I want us to look at some of these common standards and discuss them in details to get an idea of what they entail.

· IEC 60092 Standard

This refers to the standard for electrical installations particularly in ships as well as fixed or mobile marine applications.

IEC 60092 essentially forms a series of international standards regarding electrical installations in seagoing ships and offshore units for voltages up to 15kV.

Some of the key elements revolving around IEC 60092 standard include cable raceway installations, and cable and tray layout.

Also, it provides short time factors, grouping factors, temperature correction, as well as an alert for allowable capacity.

It one of the key standards that define the quality of a marine ship cable.

· JIS C 3410 Standard

This refers to a Japanese industrial standard for ship cable which is popularly used in quite a number of Southeast Asian countries.

It is intended mostly for power and lighting cable where screen features on shipboard as well as offshore building oil and rig platform.

This standard basically covers the cables, insulated wires and flexible cords used for electrical installations in ships.

It is important to take note of the fact that there are a series of international standards which correspond to this standard.

Some of the symbols of the degree of correspondence include IEC 60092-351, IEC 60092-353, and IEC 60092-354, among others.

Also, the symbols which somewhat denote the degree of correspondence in the contents between JIS and corresponding standards include, DIT, MOD, and NEQ.

In this case, DIT means identical, MOD stands for modified, and NEQ implies not equivalent.

· DIN 89158 / 159 / 160

It refers to a German industrial standard for marine and ship cables commonly used in Europe and other parts of Asia.

This standard describes the quality aspects for a wide range of inland navigation vessels, seagoing vessels, small craft as well as shipbuilding and marine structures in general.

It also has a series of symbols which correspond to it in specifying the actual descriptions for each standard.

· BS 6883 & BS 7917

This is a British standard which describes the quality specifications for fixed wiring in ships and offshore units.

The standard covers the specifications for the fixed shipboard wiring of power, lighting, instrumentation, control and propulsion voltage.

It also specifies the requirement and test methods for various cables of up to 15kV.

Also, the cables are manufactured with low smoke halogen-free material, which is essential in reducing the risk to human lives and sensitive equipment in case of fire.

· VG 95218 Standard

It is a standard which specifies the quality of cables designed for fixed installations in electrical power and control systems.

This standard is widely popular among the European regions as it enables the user to determine the cables that have the required standards.

It is a standard that also provides a requirement and test methods for a wide range of cables of up to 15kV.

· UL1309 Standard

It is a standard which specifies the requirements for distribution, signal and control cables for installation aboard marine vessels and offshore units.

The specification has to be in accordance with industry installation standards as well as the regulations of the authorities having jurisdiction.

In most cases, the cables are single or multi-conductor with or without a metal armor and rated at 35kV.

· IEEE 1580 Standard

This refers to a standard which specifies the quality of cables specifically designed for installation and uses in harsh environments.

Mostly, these harsh surroundings are often within offshore and onshore drilling rigs.

Some of the specifications of these standards include oil resistance, drilling mud resistance, flame retardant as well as severe cold durability.

Well, these are the key standards for ship cable quality rating.

As you can see, each one of them specifies specific element surrounding the quality which the cables have to conform to.

Importantly, whenever you’re choosing a marine cable based on any of the quality standards, always ensure that it is suitable for your needs.

In the next section, I want us to look at the various aspects surrounding importation of marine ship cable from China to your destination.

Importing Ship Cable from China

In as much as I’m explaining to you some of the fundamental elements regarding marine ship cable, there’s also one thing which you ought to know.

You see, when shopping for this type of component, the ultimate will is always to have it with you.

But in most instances, the best manufacturers could be away from your destination, prompting the need for importing it.

Medium voltage cable

Medium voltage cable

It is thus the interest of this guide to ensure that you obtain the best marine cable for various applications, especially when importing from China.

In this section, therefore, I want to take you through a few elements that you ought to know concerning importing this product, particularly from China.

i. Find Ship Cable Manufacturers

Unquestionably, this is the first step that you must undertake in your bid to get the product to your place, especially outside China.

What happens is that China has a wide range of companies that manufacture different types of marine cables.

So it could be challenging at a time to consider and settle on one manufacturer.

In that case, you need to carry out your research thoroughly to determine which particular type of marine cable you’re looking for.

This way, it becomes easier for you to narrow down the best manufacturer and ultimately choose to buy the product from them.

While at it, the ideal ways of finding the best manufacturer of a ship cable are by considering many factors.

Now let’s look at some of these aspects albeit briefly;

·  Approvals

Of course, this approval could be several depending on the different bodies that authorize manufacturing of the same product.

In most cases though, the common necessary approvals for Chinese ship cable manufacturers include, ABS, BV, CCS, LR, DNV-GL, NK, KR, RS and RINA.

Such approvals will give you a hint of the best manufacturer to trade with and import from.

· Prompt Delivery Guarantee

The other aspect regarding the manufacturer is a guarantee of fast delivery of the product to your place.

When importing any item for that matter, you need to get an assurance from the concerned parties that the delivery will be timely.

In that respect, you should consider whether or not the particular manufacturer you’re selecting from can offer this element.

· Warranty

This is the thing; many manufacturers will always do everything to make it possible for you to purchase products from them.

Of course, the essence is to enable them to drive their sales margin and maximize on it as much as possible.

But then, one thing that most of the manufacturers will never let you know is the shortcomings of the item.

For instance, they can never tell you that a ship cable they produce perhaps can only last for a year or less.

As you know, purchasing and obtaining this product can be expensive. Therefore, you need all the reasonable assurances to ensure that indeed it can be of help to you.

An ideal manufacturer shall offer a warranty on their ship cables.

This, of course, is a noble approach to making sure that you can use it without any performance doubts.

· Competitive Prices

I’ll tell you the truth, most of the marine ship cables don’t come as cheap as you may probably think.

But then, there has to be a caveat in as much as the pricing of this product is concerned.

It is only necessary to spend an amount of money purchasing this product only if it’s worth the money.

Different manufacturers offer different prices for their goods. However, you also need to look into other elements surrounding the pricing, such as shipping and additional related costs.

· Quick Response

As you select the best marine cable manufacturer, you should never overlook the essence of immediate response from their end.

This is a way of determining whether or not you’re dealing with a reliable and efficient manufacturer, of course for future needs.

If one takes longer to respond, it’s an indication that they can barely assist you accordingly at the time of need.

· Flexible Payment

As I did mention, the price for most of the marine ship cables is often quite high.

But then, an ideal manufacturer will always provide you with several flexible payment options.

While at it, you also need to consider the modes of payment that the company accepts.

Most of these companies accept a wide range of international modes of payment, which is ideal, especially if you’re outside the country.

Flexible payment is also suitable since other than just purchasing the products; it also enhances good rapport between the two parties.

ii. Know Marine and Ship Cable Price

Of course, the pricing of this product is a sensitive issue as far as importing it from China is concerned.

You need to be particular when it comes to knowing the exact amount of money that you need to pay to get this item shipped to your country.

Well, the price for shipping the marine and shipping cable often vary depending on numerous factors, including destination.

It also varies on the basis of the mode of transport that you use to ship it to your destination and the courier service provider.

marine Electrical cable

Figure 11 Marine Electrical cable

However, there could as well be a price range of this product based on FOB and also MOQ.

Mostly, FOB and MOQ often base their pricing on the weight of the cable.

For instance, when importing this product from China to India, you’ll probably pay a range of between $3-5 per kilogram.

This is also dependent on the other factors, including the in-land transportation of these items.

The bottom line nonetheless is to ensure that you determine the right charges for both the product and its shipping to your destination.

And in most instances, it is always appropriate to get in touch with a reliable and certified freight forwarder and shipping company.

iii. Consider Better Marine Ship Cable Packaging

And now the essential thing that you should also never forget to factor in when importing ship cable from China is packaging.

You see, packaging plays an integral role in many aspects of transporting the consignment to your destination.

ship cable packaging

ship cable packaging

So you need to ensure that every detail of it is looked into as a way of maximizing on numerous factors surrounding it.

Incidentally, we want to discuss more marine ship cable packaging and shipping company in the next section.

iv. Marine Ship Cable Packaging and Shipping

Like I have just discussed in the previous section, packaging, and shipping of a marine ship cable, especially when importing is an integral element.

If you didn’t know, let me tell you that proper packaging is a requirement at the customs not only in China but also in other countries.

You need to ensure that you pack this product accordingly to help in efficiency when it comes to shipping.

In this case, let me take you through some fundamental aspects which revolve around packaging and shipping of marine ship cables.

·  Cable Reel, Export Carton, Wrapped with PP,

When packing this product, you need to know that its package has to encompass a cable reel.

This refers to an object that is round and drum-shaped used for carrying out a wide range of electrical wires.

So ordinarily, you need to ensure that this product is perfectly packaged inside a cable reel, of course for safety and convenience during shipping.

Additionally, the product has to be inside an export carton that is wrapped with different types of the element, including PP, among others.

An export carton is basically well-labeled and contains basic information regarding this product that you’re transporting.

Moreover, this export carton also makes it easier for the movement of the consignment, especially during customs clearance.

· Quantity in One Carton Base on the Type of Cord and its Length.

This is also another fundamental in as far as packaging and shipping of marine ship cable is concerned.

You see, this is not a type of ordinary consignment that you are importing from China.

So you need to make sure that sort the cables inside the carton in an appropriate manner depending on the length of cord and carton’s base.

· Inner Packaging

When transporting this product from China to your destination, you must understand the fact that you have to include inner components of packaging.

These components usually vary depending on the type of packages.

Some would provide wooden drum whereas others would go for plastic drums.

Additionally, some packages would always opt to incorporate paper drum in packaging this consignment.

The preference is all dependent on what the manufacturer selects or what they feel is suitable for packaging the product.

· Outer Packaging

Well, it is also another significant aspect of packing and shipping of the marine ship cables, especially when importing from China.

You see, it is the outer box that ultimately covers the consignment inside, entirely.

So the material and other related elements have to be put into consideration as a way of making sure that safety is guaranteed.

Many at times, manufacturers often choose to use a carton box or in some instances a pull out box.

All these options are ideal for outer packaging of the marine ship cables for exporting.

· Other Packing Options Available

This is the thing, in some instances, you as the customer may prefer that your items are packed in a particular way that you prefer.

Well, this is also an option that manufacturers also tend to use in many instances.

The caveat, however, is that your packing preference has to meet the required standards for imports.

The best thing in this case, therefore, is making sure that you liaise with the manufacturer and provide them with all your available options for them to explore.

Applications of Ship Cable

So far, from this guide, you apparently see that a marine ship cable is a vital product, especially in marine vessels.

Again, it is quite clear that the properties of these items make them suitable for various applications other than just for ships.

In this section, I want us to look at some of the common applications of ship cables.

They include the following;

  • Communication

Well, some cables are usually laid on the sea bed, particularly between land-based stations.

The essence of these cables is to carry telecommunications signals across the stretches of sea and oceans.

These cables are vital since they help in transmitting effective communication signals across the ocean.

Typically, they help in carrying data communications as well as an optical fiber.

Nowadays, you’d also find such cables using optical fiber to carry digital data, which includes internet, telephone, and private data traffic too.

The dimensions of marine communication cables vary depending on numerous factors.

Ship system

Ship system – Photo courtesy: TYPHOON

· Instrumentation

It is also another common application of marine ship cables.

In most instances, these cables used for instrumentation purposes help to carry signals for critical instruments.

They are essential in these applications since they help in reducing cross-talk.

Additionally, they help in protecting signals from outside electromagnetic, radio frequency, as well as electrostatic interference.

You’ll find that most of the marine cables for instrumentation purposes are made of annealed copper conductor.

Examples of these cables are shipboard cables.

· Data transmission

Well, I have got an interesting fact that you probably did not know regarding data transmission cables.

Did you know that most of the things that you see on the internet, this guide included, travels to you via underwater?

Well, now, you know! And apparently, this data uses cables which stretch across the floor of the oceans for transmission.

They are often laid down by using specially modified vessels that carry the cables on board.

So it is one of the most common applications of marine cables which is widely used in various parts of the world.

· Power

You know that the ocean vessels such as boats and ships, among others also use power for various functions.

So, the cables that are used for electrical installations in such ships are marine cables.

In other instances, they are also applicable for electrical installations offshore platforms specifically for electric panels.

They are also applicable in control circuits, power and control cables, among others.

· Control

This type of cable is also used for a wide range of control systems both for ships and off-shore platforms.

Ideally, most of the parameters of the vessels are auto-controlled, but it’s the cables that are used for relaying the commands.

Now, as you can see, the marine ship cables are used in some of the critical fields.

The bottom line is that these cables can be used for both on-shore and off-shore applications.


Well, as you can see from this guide, it is quite obvious that indeed marine cables are quite necessary items.

However, it is also important to understand that the efficiency of these cables in relaying their specific functions depends on the quality.

The most important thing that you need to figure out, in any case, is making sure that you go for quality marine ship cables.

And now that I have talked quite a lot regarding this product, it is now my turn to hear from you.

Any comment, suggestion, observation or inquiry concerning this guide is welcome.

Just drop it at the comments section down here!

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