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Honest Cable is a trusted provider of marine steering cable in China. We supply a wide range of cables available in various lengths, types, and prices. These are widely used in all types of vehicles as part of the steering systems.

  • High-performance and reliable
  • Specialized cords designed for use in boats
  • Ensure smooth running and operation
  • Customizable based on your OEM request

Custom Marine Steering Cable

Marine steering cable is commonly utilized as a part of steering systems in practically all types of cars, boats, and other hydraulic systems. It is one of the most critical systems of a mobile vessel. Vehicles benefit from their steering and steadiness. It provides power to the motor, ensures smooth steering wheel operation and gliding, and controls the steering wheel. This also gives the user flexibility of choice and provides significant convenience and feasibility.

Honest supply steering cables in various sizes, lengths, and features. To accommodate diverse helm space and application needs, these can be designed with a Rack and Pinion, Jet boat, Rotary, or Xtreme design. Custom your marine steering cable at Honest to skyrocket your brand or business.

Flat Rack Steering Cables

Flat Rack Steering Cables are available in various lengths and offer abrasion resistance. Provide high resistance to water penetration.

Jet Boat Steering Cable

The Jet Boat Steering Cable is certified to fit the specified Jet Boat. Made up with a superior design, technology, and materials.

Marine Outboard Steering Cable

Marine Outboard Steering Cable ensures the smooth running of the steering wheel. It is cost-effective and high-performance.

Quick Connect Steering Cable

Quick Connect Steering Cable has an easy snap-in connection for simple integration and offers precise steering. It exceeds ABYC safety standards.

Rack And Pinion Steering Cables

Features precision and comfort ideal for inboards sterndrives, and other power-assisted purposes. Easy connection and simple installation.

Universal Marine Steering Cable

Universal Marine Steering Cable is utilized for mid to high-power boats and outboard motors. It is durable and offers a long lifespan.


Fast Delivery
Fast Delivery

We have a massive stock of marine steering cables of various sizes and lengths. It can be delivered in 5 days. For custom orders, it will be 10-30 days.

Strict Quality Control
Strict Quality Control

Every batch of marine steering cable production follows strict quality control and inspection from material selection to packing, and delivery.


We support small volume production to skyrocket your small or start-up business. Honest Cable is committed to supplying high-quality cables.

After-sale Service
After-sale Service

We offer 12 months product warranty. Our cooperative team will help you if there is problem in 1 working day. Provided solution in 3 days.

Marine Steering Cable Features

  • Easy to install
  • Fit various helm space
  • Exceed ABYC safety standards
  • High flexibility and efficiency
  • Easy cable movement
  • Available in many lengths
Marine Steering Cable
Marine Steering Cable

Marine Steering Cable System Advantages

Power steering systems are frequently employed in automobiles and boats. They provide numerous benefits in the various areas in which they are utilized. The following are some of the advantages of power steering systems:

  • Reducing the amount of fatigue experienced by the user
  • Because the load is not passed from the wheel to the steering column, abrasive damage and stress are avoided.
  • In continuous operation, input torque is low.
  • Oil output is directly proportional to steer speed.
  • Without the need for supplemental power, the mechanical connection between the wheel and other components can be maintained.
  • Increased steering precision and reaction

Your Premier Marine Steering Cable Supplier

You can rely on Honest Cable for your marine steering cable needs. We support worldwide clients for more than 20 years and continuously deliver the highest quality cable for your business. Our range covers rack and pinion cables, flat rack steering cables, rotary cables, and more boat steering cables and other parts. These products comply with ABYC safety norms and IMCI, ISO, and NMMA certifications. It is offered at excellent discount prices.

Marine steering cable provides the boat with safe and smooth running. You can find the best steering system at Honest with superior design and performance. Please contact us immediately!

Marine Steering Cable – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Hi and welcome to today’s FAQ guide related to marine steering cable.

This article will deliver you all the desired information regarding marine steering cable.

This guide contains all the answers to the possible queries and questions related to marine steering cables, their uses, methods of installation, and structure.

So, let’s get started!

1.What is Marine Steering Cable?

Steering cables are used widely in almost all types of vehicles as part of the steering systems.

The steering system is quite effectively one of the most important systems in a mobile vessel.

In addition to providing guidance and stability to vehicles, steering systems also give freedom of choice for the user and provides great ease and feasibility.

An important part of steering systems is the cables used within them to supply power to the engine, as well as for control of the steering wheel.

Marine steering cables are specialized cords designed for use in boats and other hydraulic systems.

They deliver power to the steering and system and ensure smooth running and gliding of the steering wheel.

Marine Steering Cable

 Marine Steering Cable

2. What are the Types of Boat Steering Systems?

On the surface, the steering systems of boats may look like any other steering systems.

But there is a lot more complexity involved in steering a vehicle on water.

 Boat Steering System

Boat Steering System

Boat steering systems are generally more complex and are of the following types:

  • Mechanical System

The mechanical system is a simple system that uses a cable attached to the engine.

In this way, the steering is controlled by the motor and the helm and is easy to control.

 Mechanical Boat Steering System

Mechanical Steering System

  • Rack and Pinion System

A rack and pinion system uses a complex gear system to bring about steering.

It is highly precise and beneficial for boat steering.

Rack and Pinion System

 Rack and Pinion System

  • Hydraulic System

A hydraulic system uses hydraulic hoses, pumps, and valves in its mechanism to bring about steering.

Hydraulic systems are lightweight and low-maintenance.

Hydraulic Steering System

Hydraulic Steering System

3. What are the Methods to Measure Boat Steering Cable?

When replacing a boat steering system, measuring the correct length for your steering cable is a big step.

If not done right, the excessive length of the cable can cause hindrance with the steering mechanism.

Each boat has a specific required length of cable, which varies with the length of the boat and the path of the cable.

Measuring the required length of the steering cable involves the following steps:

  • Measuring the dimensions A, B, and C as follows

 Measuring the Dimensions

 Measuring the Dimensions

Where A refers to the distance between the gunwale and centerline of cable connection, B is the length along the gunwale, and C is the distance from the centerline of the wheel to the gunwale.

  • Determine the degree of bending that the cable has in routing
  • Determine whether the cable is to be installed via engine tilt tube, transom support, or splash wall mounting.
  • Once the type of installation is determined, the dimensions can be added in various ways to calculate the length of your steering cable.

Here is a video link to provide additional information regarding measuring cables:

4 .How to install a Boat Steering Cable?

Boat steering cables are of different types depending upon the steering system, and thus there are different ways of installing them.

Installation of a steering cable is a relatively simple step as long as proper attention is being delivered.

Steps for the installation of the cable goes as follows:

  • Tie the helm to your cable and gently pull it all the way through the helm
  • Next, bolt it to the helm and the engine, replacing the pins previously taken off
  • Attach the telescoping ram to the engine
  • Lubricate the outside of the tube and the inner telescoping ram
  • Do some final testing, looking for any tightness or stiffness

Here is a link to know more about the installation of steering cables:

5. What is Teleflex Marine Steering Cable?

Teleflex marine cables are specifically designed for replacement steering cable assemblies.

These steering cables provide a range of uses and advantages.

Teleflex cables are used in almost all types of marine equipment and steering systems and can be used for use in boat steering purposes.

Teleflex Steering Cable

Teleflex Steering Cable

Teleflex cables are easy to install and maintain, are economical and budget-friendly, and are used as gear shift control cables in various types of boats and marine vehicles.

In addition to boats, Teleflex cables are also widely used in control units such as hydraulic steering and mores engine controls.

6. How to Unfreeze Boat Steering Cable?

Steering cables used on boats can get stuck for various reasons.

Whatever the reason may be, unfreezing is not a hard job.

With a few simple steps, you can now unfreeze your boat steering cable and get it running again.

Usually, through regular maintenance and lubrication, steering cables can run for a long time.

Cleaning and polishing the cable by taking out the engine and separating the cable can help.

But if that does not work, complete replacement of the steering cable is necessary and required.

Here is a visual guide to unfreeze your boat steering cable:

7. What are the Reasons for Stiffness of Steering Cables?

Stiffness of steering cables can be a big problem.

While it can be avoided by proper and regular care and maintenance, there may be various reasons as to why your steering cable is stiff.

These may include:

  • Steering cables are not slid out of the support tube as far as they can go.
  • Support tubes might have grease accumulated on them, which can cause a hydraulic lock.
  • The telescoping rod might have been bent or damaged.
  • The steering cable might be too tightly bound or wrapped, not enabling the required flexing.

All these reasons can cause stiffness of the steering cable but can easily be taken care of through proper lubrication or replacement of the cable.

8. What is a Hydraulic Steering System for Boats?

Hydraulic systems are used for mid to high power boats and outboard motors.

It uses a lightweight hydraulic hose to steer the vehicle.

Using fewer metallic parts, hydraulic steering systems are much lighter and corrosion proof as opposed to mechanical steering.

 Hydraulic Steering System

Hydraulic Steering System

Major parts of a hydraulic steering system include:

  • Hydraulic hose

The hydraulic hose is responsible for carrying the fluid through the helm and the cylinder.

  • Helm

Helm is made of hydraulic pumps and valves and is responsible for the rotation of the steering wheel.

  • Cylinder

It moves when the helm is turned after the pumping of fluid and does not exert any force on the deck.

9. What are the Lubes for Marine Steering Cable?

Caring for a boat steering cable involves several steps, including proper lubrication.

This is done to avoid jamming or freezing of the steering cable, making sure the wheel runs smoothly and efficiently.

Lubrication can be done by putting oil or grease on the steering system.

Specifically designed lubes can also be used for providing effective lubrication to reduce friction between various parts of the steering system.

This ensures efficient running of the boat avoiding damage and corrosion.

Lubes can be oil-based or water-based, depending upon your needs.

10. What are Steering Kits for Boats?

Steering in a boat is brought about through a proper and secure steering system.

This steering system contains various components that ensure the efficient running of the steering system, as well as of the vehicle at hand.

 Boat Steering Kit

 Boat Steering Kit

Components of a typical marine steering kit include:

  • A connection kit
  • A helm
  • A bezel
  • A steering cable

11. What is Replacement for Boat Steering Cable?

Over time, boat steering systems can get hard and stiff.

The steering wheel can get excessively jammed, and the cable itself can freeze.

These circumstances are an indication that it is time to replace your steering cable.

Replacement of a boat steering cable is relatively easy.

Once you are certain that your cable needs replacing, remove your old cable, and install a new one using the guidelines given by the manufacturer.

Pull the cable through the helm and attach each side of the cable to the engine and the helm.

Once all the connections are secure, run a test on the steering wheel to look for signs of tightness or binding.

If not, you’re ready to go!

12. Is Marine Steering Cable a Part of Boat Steering Console?

Steering consoles are devices that hold a boat’s steering system into place.

They may contain panels for equipment, as well as throttles and windshields, depending upon the type of boat and the steering system involved.

Components of a boat steering console contain the steering kit of the boat and all the parts that run through it.

Essentially, steering cables, hydraulic hoses, and helms are all parts of the steering console.

They are installed within the console and might sometimes not be visible.

Nevertheless, they are a part of the console and work in accordance to bring about effective steering.

 Boat Steering Console

Boat Steering Console

13. ‌What is Marine Outboard Steering Cable?

Oftentimes, boats and marine vehicles use a motor that is attached to the outskirts of the vehicle.

These are known as outboard motors. Outboard motor systems generally use hydraulic steering in effect.

But mechanical steering can also be done.

Cables used in outboard steering are conduits used to effectively bring about steering.

They can be used to ensure the smooth running of the steering wheel, as well as an effective power supply.

Marine outboard cables are used widely in boats to provide greater accuracy and precision in steering functions.

These conduits are easy to install and maintain, thus providing great benefits to the consumers.

 Outboard Steering

Outboard Steering

14. ‌How to Clean Outboard Steering Cables?

Owning a boat means taking full responsibility for its cleaning and maintenance.

The steering system is an important component of marine vehicles that needs regular care.

Particularly the cables can accumulate dirt and grease over time, which can cause them to freeze.

To avoid that, regular cleaning and lubrication of steering cables are important.

Marine grease can be used to efficiently lubricate the tubes.

Hardened grease on the cable also needs to be cleaned via lubricant and sandpaper.

Below is a video to know more about how to clean your outboard steering cable:

15. What is Marine Steering Cable Bracket?

Cable brackets are widely used in electrical equipment to hold your conduits in place and to provide effective support to the cables.

In the case of marine steering systems, brackets are installed on the boat to hold the steering cable in place.

They can be used for mounting racks and providing additional support.

Brackets can also be installed so that both multiple cables can be mounted on the same side.

Brackets are installed on the sides of the boat, where the steering cable passes through the helm and along the length of the boat.

These installations work effectively to provide better attachment and support to the routed cables.

Brackets are easy to install and are also low maintenance; thus, they are highly useful and beneficial.

Steering Cable Bracket

Steering Cable Bracket

16. What is Rack and Pinion Steering?

Rack and pinion steering system is being widely used in all kinds of transport vehicles to bring about steering.

It consists of a system of rotating gears, which brings about the movements resulting in a change of direction.

Rack refers to a linear gear, whereas pinion refers to a circular gear.

Rack and pinion steering applications can be seen in a number of vehicles, including cars, small trucks, boats, and even stairlifts.

When used in marine applications, it provides better brake controls, effective and easy steering, and also works at steep locations.

 Rack and Pinion Steering System

Rack and Pinion System

17. What are the Uses of Marine Steering Cable?

Steering cables are widely used in transport equipment and vehicles, generally in mechanical steering systems and occasionally in hydraulic steering systems as well.

In boats, steering cables are used as the forcing cable that moves the engine when the steering wheel is turned.

When the wheel is rotated, the cable moves along it, causing the rudder or engine attached to it to move as well.

In this way, the vehicle is moved along a path, bringing about effective steering.

That is the function of a marine steering cable.

Steering cables can come from various manufacturers and in different price ranges, but their primary function is the same, i.e., bringing about steering.

18. What is the Structure of Marine Steering Cable?

Marine steering cables are elongated cords designed specifically for use on boats.

They are used in almost all types and lengths of boats in various steering systems.

The structure for a marine steering cable is highly simple.

It consists of an elongated cord that extends for some specific length, with connector units at each end.

These units help in securing each end of the cable to a helm and a rudder or engine.

Additional units that may be installed with it as a part of the steering system.

 Steering Cable Structure

 Steering Cable Structure

19. How does Marine Steering Cable help in Steering the Boat?

The cable used in boat steering systems is an important component.

It is extremely important in bringing about steering.

They are used in almost all types of steering systems and serve a great many advantages while being a part of the steering systems.

Marine steering cables are installed beneath the wheel, with one end attached to the wheel and the other to the rudder or engine.

Once they pass through the helm, they are secured through bolts.

Thus, when the steering wheel moves, the cable also moves along, and as a result, the engine is guided across the direction of motion, bringing about effective steering.

So, marine steering cable works in a simple yet effective manner to ensure the correct movement of the marine vehicle.

It works efficiently in various steering systems to bring about steering.

20. Are All Steering Cables the Same?

Generally, marine steering cables used in various steering systems in boats are almost all the same.

The difference may arise when the length of the cord and manufacturers are concerned.

But essentially, all other aspects are invariably alike.

Usually, all types of control and steering systems use a universal cable whose only purpose is to serve as connectors, as is the case with marine steering cables.

They are used to connect the steering wheel to the engine, which results in the boat turning in the desired direction.

They can fit in any type of motor or engine available.

In general, marine steering cables are the push-pull control cables.

 Push-Pull Control Cable

Push-Pull Control Cable

21. What is the Maintenance for Boat Steering Cable?

All types of mobile equipment are subjective to regular flexing and tension and thus are at high risk of abrasive damage and frictional damage.

In order to avoid that, necessary steps must be taken for the regular care and maintenance of steering systems.

When it comes to boat steering systems, the steering cable, in particular, requires great care.

Thus, proper inspection should be done at least twice per season to avoid long-term damage.

The maintenance routine includes looking for signs of damage as follows:

  • Inspecting the cable jacket for cracks and tears
  • Looking for signs of corrosion, rust, or other contaminations on the hardware surrounding your steering cable
  • Seeing if the cable is worn out
  • Checking the cable for any type of hindrance in mobility, or tension, tightness, or difficulty in bending

If any of these signs appear, it is surely time to replace your cable if you wish to avoid any peril or danger.

Additional care also includes providing proper lubrication through marine grease or other specialized marine lubes.

This can protect your life as well as your vehicle from any type of extreme danger or damage.

22. What is Marine Steering Cable Boot?

Cable boots are small and extremely useful appendages that are highly operational in their function.

A marine cable boot is a small tool that provides a passageway for conduits to pass through.

It is very easy to use and requires low-maintenance.

Being cost-friendly also serves as an advantage.

Marine steering cable boot provides a wide and open area for cables and wiring to pass through.

They are constructed of various materials, including rubber and vinyl, which provide effective resistance against radiations, oil, and gasoline.

They are also available in different sizes to suit the consumer’s needs and requirements.

 Steering Cable Boot

Steering Cable Boot

23. What are the Additional Parts Used with Marine Steering Cable?

The steering system used in boats is composed of a great many parts, all of which work in harmony to bring about steering.

The marine steering kit for boats contains various components, small and large, which work in an effective manner to perform their function efficiently.

In addition to the steering cable, other parts that are used within a boat’s steering systems are as follows:

  • Boots
  • Helm
  • Filler kit
  • Grease Guard
  • Connect converter
  • Support tube
  • Bezel
  • Rings and bolts

All these components collectively make a boat steering system.

If a single component is lost or damaged, the entire system could fall apart.

24. Can you Change the Steering Cable of Your Boat?

Yes, the steering cables of a boat can be changes under certain circumstances.

Over time, dust and corrosion can accumulate on the steering cable of your boat, which can lead to safety risks.

In often cases, the cable is jammed or gets stuck, which makes the wheel very hard to move.

Under such conditions, it becomes necessary to remove the old cable and install a new one.

Boat Steering Kit

Boat Steering Kit

Changing a steering cable is a relatively simple step that requires little work.

Here is a link on how to change your steering cable:


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