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Industrial Cable

Industrial cables are rigid cables that operate well in an environment where the temperature is involved. These cables feature endurance and strength, overcoming harsh environments, like flame contacts and abrasions. There are sorts of cables available to suit various industrial applications, including food & beverage plants’ facilities, chemical plants’ monitoring equipment, production facilities, and clean rooms.

Industrial Rubber Copper Cable

The industrial rubber copper cable is alternatively known as a single conductor with excellent electrical conductivity.

Flexible Industrial Cable

With robustness and flexibility, Flexible Industrial Cables are manufactured to withstand the heavy usage of any power-supplied machine applications.

Industrial Instrument Cable

Industrial Instrument Cables are used to convey, monitor, and control electrical power systems in their associated functions. They come with braided shielding.

Insulated Industrial Cable

The Insulated Industrial Cable is covered in an insulating layer to protect and enhance the safety and efficiency of supply in electrical applications.

Ethernet Industrial Cable

Ethernet Industrial cables are durable connectors specifically intended for automation and process control in industrial operations.

Industrial Low Voltage Cable

The Industrial Low Voltage Cables are for industrial power applications such as in general industry, facilities, and other high infrastructures. 

Honest Cable Services & Support

Project Services
Project Services
Cable Testing
Industrial Cable Testing
Certified & Approved
Certified & Approved
Customization Services
Customization Service

Industrial Cable Applications

Honest Cable customizes specific industrial cables you prefer to suit for the following certain applications.

  • Communications
  • Transmission devices
  • Converters & repeaters
  • Instrumentation and control
  • Multi-point networks
  • Signal transmission
  • Computer applications
Industrial Cable Application
Industrial Cable Types

Types of Industrial Cables

The following defines some cable types, suitable for industrial installations.

PVC Cables: This cable type is ideally used for areas put through moderate mechanical stress. It is typically suitable for food industries. 

PUR Cables: The PUR industrial cables are suitable for chemical plants and clean rooms as their sheathing never holds bacteria, keeping the facility safe and clean. They also have robust features, making them resist tears, oil, and chemicals.

LSZH Cables: This industrial cable is utilized for sensitive equipment that may be destructed by fire. A Series of low smoke zero halogens is recommended to install on such particular applications, like railways, hospitals, etc.

Industrial Cable Supplier
Honest Cable Technical Support

Honest Cable has technical experts, accessible to assist all our customers’ specification requirements. They also provide recommendations for the best and most accurate cable, sheathing material, and installation according to applications.

Why are Industrial Cables Different From Other Cables?

Industrial cables are typically used for applications that have harsh or sensitive environments.

Unlike other cables, the industrial ones are formed with the strength to endure harsh treatments, such as abrasion and fire contacts. 

They are made to install in high-voltage and high-temperature states.

Additionally, industrial cables are shielded and covered with sleeves for added protection.

What Type of Industrial Cables are Suitable for Robotics with Twisting Application?

The flexible control cables and power cables are ideal for robotics and other usages where twisting and bending are involved.

The mentioned industrial cables have an extensive range of flexibility and provide external rigidity.

There are multiple flexing cable options available and suitable for specific bendable applications.

What Organization Settle the Industrial Cable Standards?

The primary organization that develops and sets industrial standards are:

  • UL or Underwriter Laboratories
  • CSA International
  • OSHA or Occupational Safety & Health Administration
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