Honest Cable Delivered Marine Ship Cable to Unithai Shipyard

Honest Cable, a global leader in manufacturing marine ship cable, today announced a new partnership with Unithai shipyard. Through this partnership, Honest Cable has so far delivered a number of IEC 60092 Standard marine ship cable to Unithai shipyard.

“Honest Cable employs strict quality control (QC), which complies with the BV classification society standards,” said Mr.Jack Woo, the Honest Cable marketing manager. “We are glad to note that the Unithai shipyard is satisfied with the quality of our marine ship cable. This is always part of our commitment to all our clients.”

Some of the IEC 60092 Standard marine ship cables that Honest Cable has delivered include:

Marine electrical cable: It is designed for power, lighting. Depending on the specific applications, there are low voltage and high voltage marine electrical power cables.

Marine telephone cable: They have a rated voltage of 150/250V and operating temperature of 90°C. Every marine telephone cable can withstand harsh conditions such as heat, cold, vibration, corrosion or humidity.

Marine control cable: These marine control cables are made for control systems. Their rating voltage is 150/250V with 90°C as the operating temperature.

Marine VFD / EMC cable: The VFD cables are popular for their superior electromagnetic compatibility. They are mainly used in the AC motors and drive systems. Like other marine ship cables, these cables have an operating temperature of 90°C with a voltage rating of either 0.6/1kV or 1.8/3kV.

Apart from these cables, Honest Cable has also distributed flexible marine wires for connecting different electrical equipment and switchboards. These marine wires come in different colors such as white, green, yellow, black, red, etc.

All marine ship cables are IEC 60092 standard and BV type approved. The cables are also flame retardant, halogen free and low smoke. These features aim to ensure the safety of the crew on shipboards.

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