Electric Cable Manufacturer in China

Honest Cable manufactures all types of electric cables for both industrial and residential applications. We offer all types of electric cables that are customizable according to your needs.

  • Available in different configurations
  • Designed according to international regulations
  • Low voltage to high voltage cables
  • Comes in different sizes

Electric Cable

The electric cable is commonly used for carrying electric current. The cable assembly can be formed by combining two or more electric cables with connectors. The electric cable can be purchased with different configurations depending on its application. It comes in various types, voltages, conductors, and cable measurements.

Here in Honest Cable, we manufacture all types of electric cable with a wide range of wire sizes with the corresponding lettering. All these cables are produced according to international standards and regulations. Each electric line comes with a color code for a different purpose. We offer custom electric cable according to your requirements.

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Triplex Wires

These are usually used for single-phase drop connectors. It is composed of wrapped aluminum wire for insulation.

Main Feeder Wires

Main feeder wires are usually made from solid THHN or stranded wire. It is used for connecting the service weather head.

Panel Feed Wires

These wires are generally black in color with insulated THHN wire. It is commonly used for powering the junction box.

Non-Metallic Sheathed Wires

The non-metallic sheathed wires have plastic insulation, 2 or 3 conductors, and bare ground wire. It is mainly used for homes.

Single Strand Wires

We offer single-strand wires widely used for layouts with pipes containing wires. Each comes in THHN wire.

Coaxial Cable

Honest cable manufactures coaxial cables that usually have white or black insulation. It is round in shape and easy to distinguish.

Low Voltage Electric Cable (10)

Medium Voltage Electric Cable (3)

Electric Cable Voltages

  • Up to 750V low voltage, cables are designed according to harmonized standards.
  • Up to 1000V low voltage cables for industrial power installations.
  • 1kV up to 36kV medium voltage cables for electricity distribution from substations to transformers.
  • 36kV and above high voltage cables transport electricity from generating plants to substations.
Electric Cable Voltages
Electrical Cable Components

Electrical Cable Components

We manufacture electrical cables that are composed of:

  • Auxiliary elements that serve as cable protection
  • An electric conductor that serves as the electricity flow channel
  • Insulation to contain and cover electric flow
  • Outer sheath for protecting all the cable component

Uses and Applications

Electrical cables are commonly used for connecting two or more devices to transfer electrical signals. Below are the different applications of electric cables:

  • Building wiring
  • Power and control circuits
  • Power plants
  • Factories
  • Malls
  • Homes
  • Tunnels
  • Airports, etc.
Uses and Applications
Electric Cable Insulation Types

Electric Cable Insulation Types

  • Thermoplastic insulation. Typically includes PVC, polyolefins, linear polyethylene, and polyurethane.
  • Thermosetting insulation includes EPR, XLPE, EVA, Silicone, Neoprene, and Natural Rubber.
What are the Types of Electrical Cable Colors and Their Meaning?

Electrical Cables are coded with colors according to International Electric Commission Standards. The following colors are allowed for the identification of conductors:

  • Turquoise
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Violet
  • Blue
  • Yellow

Neutral Conductor: blue color conductors

Phase Conductor: grey, brown, and black

Protective Conductor: used in places for safety reasons. The colors for protective conductors are yellow and green.

What Do You Mean by the Lettering in the Electric Cable?

The lettering in the electric cable means the main insulation type of each cable. Electric cables and wires are lettered with XHHN, THHN, THW, and THWN. Below is the meaning of each letter:

  • X – flame-resistant synthetic polymer
  • T – Thermoplastic Insulation
  • N – Nylon Coating
  • H – Heat Resistant
  • W – Wet Locations application
  • HH – High Heat Resistant
What are the Different Types of Electric Cable Labels?

Cable labels are very necessary for it provides information such as the cable’s insulation types, wire gauge, and wire numbers. Some commonly used labels are the following:

  • TYPE NM-B: it means that the cable is a non-metallic sheathed type for wiring appliances.
  • 14-2G: this means that the cable has two insulated wires and has a 14-gauge.
  • 600V: cables with this label mean it has a maximum of up to 600 volts.
  • 14-3G: the individual wires have 14-gauge with ground wire and three insulated wires.
  • 12-2G: this means the cable has 12-gauge individual wires with a ground wire and two insulated wires.
  • 12-3 w/G: This label indicates that the cable has individual wires 12-gauge with a ground wire and three insulated wires.
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