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We are a leading supplier of custom and standard control cables.

Control Cable

A control cable is a multi-conductor cable intended for use in instrumentation and automation applications. It regulates and measures the transmissions of automated processes and is often UL-rated. Control cable is typically shielded with a braided shield, foil shield, or combination of the two.

Honest is a leading supplier of numerous control cables, both custom, and stock. Our control cable is available in a wide range of sizes, compounds, voltage ratings, conductor counts, and shielding constructions. Honest can provide control cable with small minimum production quantities at quick lead times. We can also assist with the perfect control cable design for specific applications.

14 AWG Cable Control

Our 14 AWG cable control is widely used for telephone stations, intercoms, instrumentation, access control, and other low-voltage circuits that are power-limited.

16 AWG Cable Control

Honest provides 16 AWG cable control that is easy to install and compliant with RoHS standards. It is great for use in access control and instrumentation application.

18 AWG Cable Control

Our 18 AWG cable control is tested electrically and physically in accordance with various standards such as NEC. These cables are free from hazardous compounds.

12 AWG Cable Control

Honest 12 AWG cable control is widely used for packaging machine and machine tool construction, car manufacturing industry, automation, and material handling technologies.

10 AWG Control Cable

Our 10 AWG control cable is CSA and UL approved. Ideally suited for CNC machines, the car manufacturing industry, and machine tool construction.

8 AWG Cable Control

Our 8AWG cable control can guarantee hazardous compound- and restricted metal-free. They are easy to install, ROHS compliant, and are tested according to NEC standards.

Why Choose Honest Control Cable

Proven Performance
Proven Performance

Honest control cable is proven and field tested to work in the industrial space.

Withstand Extremes
Withstand Extremes

Manufactured with proprietary materials, the control cable is designed to last.

Various Options
Various Options

Our control cable is produced of numerous materials like PVC, Nylon, and proprietary LSZH.


Our control cable is manufactured from non-corrosive materials, such as polyurethane and Polyvinyl Chloride.

Control Cable Application

  • Suitable to be used in the power distribution industry, with the performance and flexibility that offers
  • Electrical systems with different functionalities
  • A system that is providing control, regulation, measurement, and monitoring of technical components and devices
  • Automated systems
  • A system that is installed with various outputs and inputs

Honest is a leading control cable supplier to diverse electronic, electrical, technical, and digital industries for many years. We serve large, medium, and small industries, entities, and commercial businesses. Honest can also provide custom-tailored and custom-designed control cables.

Control Cable Application
Available Materials

Available Materials

Control cables from Honest are available with these materials:

  • Polyurethane (PUR)
  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

Technical Specifications of Control Cable

The control cable’s technical specification will depend on the area of application and use. Honest supplies control cable with the following ranges of specifications:

  • Temperature: Ranges up to 90°C
  • Voltage: 300-600V
  • Gauge: 28AWG-2AWG
Technical Specifications of Control Cable

Honest Cable – Leading Supplier of Customized Control Cables

Honest Cable – Leading Supplier of Customized Control Cables
Leading Supplier of Customized Control Cables

Honest has been one of the leading companies in China that supply high-quality control cables for over a decade. Our control cables are popular for automation and instrumentation needs. Our series of control cables include multi-conductor control cables, PVC insulated GSWB, and PVC insulated TCWB.

Please contact us for the acquirement of various technical specifications and different thicknesses of control cables. We can produce them based on your requirements and ship them to your location.

Advantage of Control Cable

Honest control cable is fabricated according to our strict quality control processes and quality assurance. The advantage of our control cable includes:

  • Lightweight
  • Versatile to fit any structure
  • Mechanical efficiency
  • Functional for different industries
  • Anti-interference functioning
  • Non-corrosive materials
  • Prolonged service life
  • Wear-resistant properties
Control Cable for Different Areas

Control cable, whether woven, flat, foil or braid shielded are widely used based to the application areas. These cables are functional in the following:

  • Production Centers
  • Automated System
  • Assembly Lines
  • Robotic Technology
  • Power Distribution Sphere
What is The Purpose of Control Cable?

Control cables are designed to send signals and control the function of any equipment. They are usually available in 601 kV to 15kV as well as portable power cables, paper power cables, and welding cables.


What Are The Different Types of Control Cable?

The control cables have three different types in terms of the automation process. These are SY, YY, and CY cables. Their SY GSWB braid is ideally fitted to installation with medium to high mechanical stress. CY and YY control cables are similar in construction but not provided mechanical protection.

What is the Difference Between Control Cable and Power Cable?

Control cable is intended for wire control command and automatic control circuit cables. It is also used for the centralized control of electrical tools. While the power cable is designed to distribute and transmit electrical energy.

What is Cable Control Made of?

The control cable is usually fabricated from stainless steel alloy or galvanized steel, depending on the requirements of the aircraft manufacturer.

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