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Honest Cable is manufactured with state-of-the-art technological advances for superior power transmission and performance. 

Honest Cable Aluminium Cable

Aluminum cable is a highly-flexible cable, typically used for electrical wiring and power distribution. It is manufactured according to DIN VDE 0295 and Class 5 IEC 60228 and is also available as both singular-core and multiple cores with a high ductile rubber sheath.

In addition, the aluminum cable is considered an efficient conducting material option considering its consistent mechanical and electrical properties and cost-effectiveness.

Aluminium Cable Specifications

ConductorIEC 60228 Class 5 Flexible Aluminum Conductor 
ApplicationsPower Network, Electrical Wiring
Core IdentificationsBlack, Blue, Brown, Grey 
SeparatorFoil Around Conductor
ProtectionSingle Wire Armour
InsulationEPR Rubber 90°C, EN 50363-1
Conductor Temp.Maximum: 90°C; Minimum Bending: 0°C
Bend Radius6xD Fixed Installed
Oil ResistanceIEC 60811-404
UV ResistanceISO 4892
Flame RetardantIEC 60332-1
Standard ApprovalsCertified Quality CE according to Low Voltage Directive


Aluminium Cable Industrial Advantages

High Current Conductivity
High Current Conductivity
Dependable and Durable
Dependable and Durable
Increased Productivity
Increased Productivity

Manufacturing Process of Aluminuim Cable

The electrical cable carries an important responsibility, as it is used to transport the flow of electricity. However, cables are typically made from well-known materials, specifically copper and aluminium. 

The following are several procedures on how the aluminium cable is produced:

  • Crushing and Grinding
  • Drawing
  • Heating
  • Insulation
  • Twisting and stranding
  • Extrusion
  • Cabling 
Honest Cable, Aluminum Cable Product Range
Honest Cable The Expert Aluminum Cable Manufacturer You Need

Honest Cable: The Expert Aluminium Cable Manufacturer You Need

As the industry’s leading manufacturer, Honest Cable offers   rated manufacturing services for aluminium cable:

  • A Complete Cable Specification Portfolio
  • R&D and Caste Study
  • Meticulous Cable Testing
  • Excellent OEM and ODM Servicing Level
  • Up-to-Date Product Status

Industrial Applications of Aluminium Cable

The following are several industries that are engaged in installing aluminium cable:

Communication Industry

Aluminium cable finds its benefits in both commercial and residential applications. 

It is an important component that is used for power cable wiring, antennas, coils, and Ethernet connections; specifically, LAN and WAN.

Broadcasting Network

The rising modernization of broadcasting networks immensely depends on aluminium cables.

As a broadcasting network involves transmitting broadcasts, advertisements, marketing, and updates, the high transmission property of the aluminium cable are imperative. 

Electrical Distribution Industry

Aluminium cable has been extensively utilized for electrical distribution and transmission purposes. 

Construction Industry

Aluminium cable is the most preferred cable alternative that is used by most electrical and contracting contractors.

It is applicable to buildings where low voltage is required. However, another reason why it is being used is due to its cost-effectiveness. 

The aluminium cable is formulated in such an impressive manner and has performance capability similar to the copper cable. 

Medical Industry

Aluminium cable is advantageous for medical science instruments and apparatus that involve medical ultrasonography. 

Submarine Communication

The aluminium cable carries an important responsibility in submarine communication.

It is capable of speeding up the process of transferring tons of information. 

What is Aluminium Cable?

Aluminum cable relatively has a high-growth application for most industries and markets.

Moreover, the aluminum cable is necessary for most electrical projects and related industries. 

It specializes in unique properties, such as being naturally high-conductive, lightweight, ductile, and non-magnetic.

These properties are the greatest factors that contribute to its entire function. 

What are the Product Range of Aluminium Cable?
  • Single Core Aluminum Cables
  • Multi-Core Aluminum Cable
What is the Benefit of Using Aluminium Cable?

Honest Cable offers high-quality performance aluminium cables and offers several advantages:

  • Aluminum cable is copiously available and offers the cheapest alternative to copper cables. 
  • More stable
  • Lightweight
  • Easier to handle
  • Applicable for overhead power distribution
  • Consistent tensile strength
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